Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) was funded by the County Executive in FY 2021 to conduct a system wide school boundary review to balance enrollment and address the growing enrollment and program needs over the past 5 years (2015-2019). As a first step, HCPS is reaching out to gain stakeholder input and feedback on the upcoming boundary review. This survey will determine expectations and values of the community.

Your thoughts and comments are critically important to developing long term solutions to balance enrollment within HCPS facilities.  This survey will take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete. Please complete this survey by Friday, February 12, 2021 at 11:59 PM.  
Please Note:
You should be able to take this survey on your phone. However, it is recommended that you complete this survey on a computer, iPad, or tablet to allow for ease of completion.

If you are a student, parent, or guardian of a child(ren) attending Harford County Public Schools, a Student ID of the oldest child will be required to complete this survey.  

The Student ID number is the same as the Food & Nutrition PIN number.
The Student ID number may also be found on prior year report cards or progress reports.

If you do not have the Student ID number, contact your school or your student's school;provide your full legal name, relationship to the student and the student's name in the message.
Are you a student, or parent or guardian of a child attending Harford County Public Schools (HCPS)? If you are not a student, parent or guardian of a child attending HCPS, please select the answer choice No below to continue.

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